Future – AFFILIATED Ft Lil Durk

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Future – AFFILIATED ft Lil Durk Quotable Lyrics

Yeah (Yeah)
I’m with [?] (I’m with [?])
Yeah (Yeah)

[Chorus: Future]
Yeah, I been countin’ money so long it make my hands ache
Yeah, hunnid ’round in the trunk, can’t even stand straight
Yeah, gon’ pop more than one, start hallucinatin’
Lot of diamonds on my arm, look like roller-skate
My hood hooter than a sauna, nigga, whackin’ shit
Flood that lil’ bitch out in stones and got a badder bitch
Posted on the corner where it’s yellow tape
Had to buy my bitch a gun, gang affiliated

[Verse 1: Future]
Told her “Don’t be worried ’bout none, lil’ one killin’ shit”
I take criminals where I go, but all legitimate
Put so many chains on it made my head hurt
You can’t shoot it out the car, put in leg work
Why you gonna shoot him in the chest when you it his head first?
I was sellin’ water-water, missed the school bus
Had to place another order, bought more Lamb trucks
Came up breakin’ laws, had to get my hands dirt
Used to hang with a bitch, gave my mans dirt
When they searched for [?], that’s when I knew the feds were lurkin’
Watch my grandma go to prison made my heart hurt
Bought a gang of cars like a pack of Starburst

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