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Faouzia – Anybody Else Quotable Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Say you love me
Are you lying?
Break me just to fix me
Keep me holding on
When you’re lonely, I come running
But anytime I need you
Then you’re gone, gone, gone
Yeah, you’re gone, gone, gone

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I wouldn’t wish this love, wish this love on anybody else
Wish that you were anybody else
Then I’ll be on my way
How could I be so dumb?
I’d say run to anybody else
Easy when it’s anybody else
So tell me why I stay?

[Verse 2]
Can we go back to a time
When you were just a stranger and my heart was strong
It’s a cruel love
Never ending
Looking here for something
But’s it’s gone, gone, gone
Yeah, you’re gone, gone, gone

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